Sundha Mata Temple Bhinmal


At 1220 Mheight in the Aravli ranges there on Sundha mountain is temple of goddesses Chamunda Devi a very sacred place for devotees.


It is 105 Km from district headquater and 35 Km . from sub divisional Bhinmal. This place lies in Raniwara Teshil in the midest of Malwara to Jaswantpura Road near Dantlawas village. Lacs of tourists from Gujarat and Rajasthan visits here.


The environment here is afresh & attractive.Fountains flowing whole year and hotel at the valleymade in yellow sandstone of Jaisalmer attracts everyone.


Sundha temple is made up of while marble, the pillars reminds the art of Abus’s Delwara temple pillars.


A very beautiful idol of goddesses Chamunda is present under the huge stone.Here Chamunda’s head is worshipped.It is said that the trunk of mother Chamunda are established in Korta and legs in Sundarla Pal(Jalore).

One phrase is also popular in marwar in this context.


In front of mother Chamunda a BhurBhuva Swaweshwar Shivling is established.The Sundha inscription is of peculiar importance in historical sense-like the Harishen inscription or Delhi ’s Mehrulli pillar inscription. Sundha inscription also throws light on the history of India .

In the main temple duo idol of Shiva & Parvati Ganesh’s idol are considered very old & extinct.

Various communities have build dinning halls where fresh food is served free of cost, food is also prepared as per order.


During Navratri tourist from Gujarat & nearby areas comes in hug mass. Regular buses of Gujarat roadways from Palanpur,Deesa etc. runs during that time.

In the climbing place a big hotel is made by the Trust that is quite a destiny for visitor to rest during night and enjoy the scenery of mountain.

Recently Roapway service has been started to climb sundha mountain, to make the journey easier for pilgrims,making it a memorable experience.

Salient features of  Ropeway System-

  • Length of Rope Way 800 Meters
  • System name "Monocable Detachable "
  • Capacity - 400 pph
  • Level Diff - 120 Mtr
  • Max Speed 6 Mt/Sec.
  • Journey time - 6 Min
  • Cabin/Trolley Capacity - 4 people
  • Total Cabins/Trolleys -22
  • Total Cost - 4.5 Crores
  • Company Name -Sundha Mata Ropeway Pvt Ltd.





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